Annual Report and Financials

Every year, we strive to do more for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country, and for our entire civil rights community.

Mee Mee, Hirono, Eric Holder at ACA 2015

A Message From Our Leader

All across this country, there is a demographic tsunami that is transforming communities as we speak. Asian America has a unique opportunity to lean into this moment in history to help shape and co-create a leadership voice that is more than the current status quo. It is a unique opportunity for us to step out from the shadow of the model minority and shake off the mantle of the invisible perpetual foreigner. 

How to prepare ourselves to seize this opportunity is a critical question that is our collective responsibility to ponder and to respond accordingly. And to respond while embracing the continuum of all who belong to the family of Asian America—whether East Asians or Southeast Asians, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, whether South Asians or Arabs—whether atheist, animist, Christians or Sikh, Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims—we all are Asian America—and we can and we must be part of the core strategy or else the solution is incomplete.

For those of you who have supported our work through the years, thank you. If you have not yet had a chance to give to Advancing Justice | AAJC, we invite you to browse through our reports and consider making a contribution today. Together, we will move forward in solidarity.


Mee Moua
President and Executive Director

Annual Reports and Financials