VOF Statement on Trump Proclamation: Family unity must play a central role in our immigration system

Trumps negligent response to COVID-19 cannot be hidden by his scapegoating of immigrants
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Los Angeles - On Wednesday evening, Trump signed an executive order to stop issuing most green cards for 60 days. The proclamation would block most family reunification visas including parents of U.S. citizens who are classified as “immediate relatives” and spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents living outside the country.  This action is in line with this administration's ongoing effort to scapegoat & criminalize immigrants. 

The order does not impact spouses and children under 21 of US citizens, wealthy investor visas, people coming to work in health care or other COVID-related work or special immigrant visas or the asylum and refugee programs.

In response, the Value Our Families Campaign issued the following statement:

“The Trump administration has found a new way to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to further a white nationalist and extremist agenda against immigrants and people of color. This Proclamation is fueled by Trump's xenophobic rhetoric and will harm already vulnerable communities. 

“Separating immigrant families will do nothing to fix the economy. There is no question that Trump is using this tactic to distract from his failed COVID-19 response. The American immigration system is designed to unify family members and is a legal right for many Americans. This crisis reminds us of the centrality of family members in our society. 

“Rather than step up as the leader of this country, Trump and his administration have chosen again to distract from the disaster they created and double down. From a lack of ventilators to no testing available, thousands have died due to his administration's ineptitude and negligence. There is a moral imperative that must guide our immigration policies and ensure that family reunification visas are a priority. 

“From day laborers delivering much-needed food and medical supplies to domestic workers and janitors ensuring clean and hygienic workplaces, frontline workers continue to play a vital role in the medical, food, and service sectors. Immigrant doctors and healthcare workers are risking their own lives and family to ensure the safety of others. Across the country, we are witnessing everyday heroes in this time of crisis, many of whom are immigrants. 

“We need a President that can unify and heal our nation, yet Mr. Trump continues to advance a divisive and poisonous agenda. At a time in which solidarity is needed more than ever, and immigrants are a sizable number on the frontlines of this pandemic, we must work together to find solutions.”

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