Stand with Families

March 9, 2018

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Families are the cornerstone of American communities and help our country thrive. Yet in the State of the Union address the President in his comments criminalized immigrants and used the derogatory term “chain migration” to devalue immigrant families and communities.

These comments are a direct attack upon our communities and families. Many immigrants, including most Asians, come to the United States through family sponsorship, but immigration based on family relationships is far from easy. Though 3 in 4 Asian American adults were born outside the U.S., a significant portion of would-be immigrants are waiting decades just to have a chance to be reunited with family. Of the five countries with the longest backlogs for visas, four are in Asia.

When the President makes offensive comments about immigrants from certain countries of color and praises immigrants from Norway, it is clear that the proposal to ban families is about keeping America white. It is another white nativist policy that seeks to denigrate entire groups of people.

Together, families buy homes and start businesses that create jobs. Caretakers, who are predominantly women, often do unpaid and undervalued work which enables their family members to work outside the home. Family members step in to provide support in times of personal and economic hardship. Our families matter.

Stand up for immigrants and their families. Stand up for family unification.

We’ll deliver your names to Congress and make sure they value our families, too.

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