Who We Are

Asian Americans have been part of the American story since its earliest days. From those who traveled to the U.S. as a result of changing immigration policies, to refugees who came to American shores in search of safety, to recent immigrants who continue to join our nation in search of the famed "American Dream," the one indisputable truth about our community is its breadth, diversity, and resilience.

And yet, we have seen our community ignored in national conversations about the very policies that define our experience: immigration, voting rights, and so much more.

Advancing Justice | AAJC at voting rights rally

Since 1991, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC has fought to create a seat at the table for Asian Americans in the national conversations that determine the policies that shape our lives. We educate lawmakers, the public, and the media about our diverse community and its needs. We advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable communities, as well as other minority communities whose liberation is essential to creating a more just society for all. We litigate in order to defend and promote the voices of Asian Americans and underserved communities on significant civil rights issues.

We also maintain a network of community partners, local and state-based Asian American organizations across the country, to ensure we are in touch with our communities on the ground as we tackle national campaigns. We are also committed to building capacity within our partner organizations to they are better equipped to serve their own communities. Through this range of work, we aim to promote equal protections, strengthen roots, and build political power for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.