World Journal: Census preparation work on the road

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John Yang, President, Advancing Justice | AAJC discuss the upcoming census on the impact of the United States

Reporter Guo Zongyue / Houston reported on April 03, 2017

From the annual census for about three years, in order to prepare in advance, the relevant units have begun to develop plans, from the budget, manpower and method configuration, a series of steps have been carried out in full swing.

New America Media has held an online meeting with media experts to invite John Yang, Director of the AAJC Asia-US Justice Promotion Center [correction: Advancing Justice | AAJC], and Chief Executive Officer of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Wade Henderson and other experts on the upcoming census on the impact of the United States, and how to successfully promote the census plan and other issues to discuss.

It is mentioned in the conference that the annual census of the whole nation will have an impact on the allocation of resources such as medical care, education, transport facilities and even voting throughout the United States and is therefore vital to the lives of the population. Therefore, many citizens and human rights groups Will facilitate the census as a first priority.

Yang said that the census provided to all communities in the United States to understand the region's geographical, demographic and socio-economic data, the main source of the law also on the task of the necessary norms and safeguards, so he believes that Congress should provide adequate resources To ensure that the 2020 census can be successfully promoted.