Community Partners

Established in 1995, the Community Partners Network is a national network of organizations serving Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. We know that national, state, and local groups working together make the best and strongest partnerships, and that any effort to bring about sustainable change must engage grassroots leaders. The Community Partners Network is how we ensure these leaders and voices are involved in our efforts.

Community Partners training in Washington, D.C.

Our Community Partner Network

Our Community Partners Network allows us to engage in coordinated campaigns in human and civil rights through activating state and local-based organizations across the country. At the same time, we are able to build the capacity of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) groups by disseminating resources, holding trainings, and facilitating peer-to-peer learning across our network. By sharing our knowledge and leveraging our collective power, we can enable meaningful participation of AAPIs in national movements.

Community Partners at the Hill

Community Partner organizations receive certain benefits as members of our network, including:

  • Access to educational products and publications created by Advancing Justice | AAJC
  • Technical assistance and training in areas of expertise for Advancing Justice | AAJC
  • Opportunities to sign on to and engage in federal advocacy campaigns
  • Assistance in shaping and implementing local actions on federal policy issues
  • Access to a national partner to help increase the visibility of local action and concerns
  • Affiliation with national and local networks to leverage for funding support
  • Priority for re-granting opportunities and travel assistance to the Advancing Justice Conference

Our Community Partners Network includes more than 160 organizations in 32 states and DC. To learn more about the network and what being a Community Partner means, contact Assistant Director of Community Engagement, Bessie Chan-Smitham at