Trump Refuses to Listen to Americans Who Say Border Wall Is Not a Priority

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Calls Government Shutdown an Unnecessary Trump Temper Tantrum
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December 20, 2018—Washington, D.C.— The President refused to listen to the American people by insisting on a border wall. After the Senate did what the President asked and passed a short term funding bill, Trump turned around and told the House to pass a bill with wall funding under threat of a veto.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an affiliation of five civil rights organizations, issues the following statement:

“We strongly condemn the President for throwing a temper tantrum over an unpopular and unnecessary border wall. Unfortunately, the House caved to the President’s racist demands. We call on the Senate to reject this attack on immigrant communities.

President Trump is not in touch with the American people. Approximately 69% believe a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico is either not a priority at all or not an immediate priority. In addition, 57% of people believe that Trump should compromise on the border wall to prevent gridlock.

We must not feed this administration’s white supremacist agenda at the expense of people’s livelihoods. We call on Congress to listen to the will of the people and stand firm against Trump’s latest tantrum.”