Media Diversity

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC is an advocate for fair and equal representation of Asian Americans in the media.

MNet Panel on Media Diversity

Media Ownership

Diversity in media ownership ensures that the information and entertainment broadcast over the airwaves for radio or television present not just the details of important issues, but also a variety of perspectives and opinions surrounding them. We continue to advocate for regulations, rules, and policies that allow for such diversity and oppose all efforts to stifle local and independent media voices. As such, we are a proud member of the Coalition to Save Local Media.

Media Representation

The images we see on-screen are worth a thousand words. Given this, we work to oppose images and representation of our community in pop culture and news that are unfair or contain slurs with panful histories.   

Diversity and Inclusion Onscreen and Behind-the-Camera

A few decades ago, seeing faces and names that looked like ours on-screen seemed to be an impossibility. The best we could expect would be hurtful caricatures or characters that perpetuated stereotypes. Yet, as time went on, the Asian American community demanded more from those producing content meant to tell stories that our communities could relate to.  As a proud member of the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition, we work directly with major networks to increase diversity on-screen and behind the camera. We also issue an periodic report card to rate major studios in their efforts to promote and maintain diversity and inclusion in their programming and staff.